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    Santa Clarita Pet Nanny
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    Valencia, CA 91385
    (661) 362-4939

Services and Rates

Please ask about additional services, if you cannot find what you need.



30 minute dog visit (includes walk)
60 minute dog visit (includes walk)
Dog park visit
*15 minute "Potty Break" visit*
$24 per visit
$40 per visit
$40 per visit + 65 cents/mile
$19 per visit
*Available only with reservation of two (2) full 30 minute dog visits in any single day. Special exceptions may apply depending on circumstances, or if you use our regular Mon. - Fri. dog walking service.
   Above dog rates include up to two dogs. $3.00 per additional dog
30 minute cat visit$22 per visit
~ rate also includes other small animals, i.e. hamsters, fish, birds, etc.
~ inclues up to three cats. $2.00 per additional cat
Pet Taxi: (within 10 miles from pick up/drop off)
One Way
Round Trip
$25 + 65 cents/mile
$45 + 65 cents/mile
Overnight Stay: 
Standard Rate

$75 per night

Initial ConsultationFREE!
* Required for all new clients and usually takes a half hour or less.
This allows us a chance to get acquainted with your pets while you are present, as well as:
  • Answer/ask any questions you or your pet sitter may have
  • Complete necessary forms
  • Learn about your pet's routine and feeding/medicating instructions
  • Show us where pet's items (leash, food, litter box, etc) are located
  • Obtain a key(s) or entry access instruction prior to first visit. *Please provide two (2) copies of your house key, so that we will have a back up key as a safety measure, if needed.
  • Show us where mail box, garbage can and any plants that may need light watering are located. *Additional charges may apply for extensive lawn/plant watering
Additional Services: 
Additional Consultations$15
Key Pick UP/Drop OFF$15
*There is no addtional charge for keys, if we pick them up at the Initial Consultation.
Personal Concierge Service/Run errands$25 + 65 cents/mile
Holiday Surcharge$10
(Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day)
Out of Service Area fee$12 + 65 cents/mile
*Service Area is within a 10 mile radius of central Santa Clarita Valley area.
After / Before Hours fee 
Before 7:00 AM and After 9:00 PM

Visits include:

    Santa Clarita Pet Nanny
  • Clean water and food dish
  • Replenish water and food
  • Potty break walks for dogs
  • Administering medication if necessary
  • Playing with his/her favorite toy
  • Light brushing - if they like to be brushed
  • Litter box cleaning for cats
  • Collection of daily mail and newspaper
  • Alter household lighting for security purposes
  • Light watering of household plants
  • Taking your garbage out to the curb on specified days

Overnight Visits

If you would like for your pet to have a bit more company, overnight pet sitting may be the option for you. Along with the services offered with our daily visits, overnight pet sitting also includes the following:

  • Overnight stay in your home
  • Feeding your pet dinner
  • Evening walk
  • Before bed potty break 
  • Feeding your pet breakfast
  • Morning walk

**Rates are for local service within 10 miles of the central Santa Clarita Valley area. Additional fees may apply for traveling outside of our area.

Pet Taxi Service

Sometimes you just can't get away during your workday to take your pet to an appointment. Whether the appointment is with their Vet, groomer, or a day at the doggy day care, we would be happy to taxi your pet.

* Additional charges may apply.

Dog Park Visit

Most dogs have a favorite park that they like to go to. It's sometimes hard to schedule your day around a trip to the dog park, and that's where we come in.

  • Taking your dog to their favorite dog park (either by car or walking).
  • Collection and disposal of waste.
  • Playing with his/her favorite toy (if desired).
  • Providing fresh water.
  • Providing treats (on request).
  • Additional Services

We are also more than happy to care for your birds, rabbits, lizards, hamsters, fish, etc. Please call for pricing.

Santa Clarita PLANT Nanny

Some people don't have animals, but love other living things. We're talking about plants, and if you're like us, you worry about your plants when you leave town for any extended period of time. We offer plant nanny services to those who find peace of mind knowing that their beloved potted friends are taken care of.

$15.00 to $20.00 depending on the amount of plants, and time it will take to water and care for them.

Plant Nanny service includes:

  • Watering and administering vitamins to your plants.
  • Light grooming of plants including removal of dead leaves and light dusting.
  • Adjusting window coverings to allow much needed sunlight to get to your plants.
  • Collection of daily newspaper and mail.
  • Taking your garbage can out to the curb on specific days.